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PP LIVE - professional sales agency for your success at the POS

Are you looking for a competent partner at your side, who will perfectly stage your brand or product at the point of sale and increase your sales figures? Then PP LIVE, the experienced sales agency, is the right address for you. Since 1986, the sales area has been part of our core business and is an integral part of our agency services. In over 34 years, we have continuously developed our expertise and regularly set new trends, so that we can draw on comprehensive know-how for all our POS projects. Our sales experts always find the right market and target-oriented solution, which pays off on their Touchpoint Excellence at the POS and which activates the buying behavior of your target group in the long term.

Successful Touchpoint Excellence begins with the right sales strategy

Under the guiding principle of Touchpoint Excellence, we ensure that our sales-effective service modules work together perfectly. We map these coordinated measures combined with digital tools with/in our PP Sales Performance Matrix.

Sales Matix Fin

The PP Sales Performance Matrix is a learning system for sustainable improvement of results.

By linking attention-grabbing brand and product presentation with effective staff deployment and consistent screening of relevant data, success becomes controllable and measurable for you. By continuously monitoring the success of ongoing sales activities, we check the effectiveness of the mix of service modules and digital tools used. For example, on the basis of all your sales force measures in relation to the sell-out data, conclusions can be drawn very quickly about the performance of your sales force strategy.

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Rely on our know-how in sales consulting for your company

PP Sales Performance Matrix - our approach

  • Together: With our Sales Performance Matrix, we turn your experiences into success together. To this end, we work with you to develop the right strategy for optimizing your touchpoint excellence.
  • Comprehensive: Based on your KPIs and the task at hand, we combine the optimal service modules with the appropriate digital tools.
  • Holistic: We provide 360-degree support, react dynamically to the market and continuously optimize processes based on data science.
  • Results-oriented: We work continuously with you to create a maximum brand and product experience at the touchpoints for your customers/target group. Each mix of measures consisting of service modules and digital tools is continuously accompanied by a performance review.

We advise you with passion. PP for over 34 years.

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