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From idea to event organisation - your specialist for successful live-, hybrid and digital events based in Frankfurt and Cologne

Are you looking for an experienced event agency for the conception, planning and implementation of a sustainable employee event, a spectacular product presentation, a nationwide road show or an inspiring anniversary event? At our locations in Frankfurt and Cologne we develop the right ideas for your project and support you with our competence in project management. For a successful event organization, we take on the jobs that arise and promise you a unique event experience - live, digital or hybrid.

The Fascination of digital events

All events live from the experience and every event form has its strengths. The advantage of digital events is that the ecological and economic expenditure is significantly lower than for classic events. With the attraction of the unknown, almost all classic event formats can be experienced in digital worlds of experience - from conferences and meetings to product presentations or workshops.

Many individual participants can follow a stream live with any device. With the help of our digital event platform and come2interact technology it is even possible to integrate online voting, online feedback and online brainstorming.

Hybrid Meeting
The expansion of streaming possibilities as a combination of a live event on site with digital participants! The connected participants can actively participate in the communication with picture and sound via their devices. This option is best suited for meetings with several participants at one location (e.g. in a conference room) and can be integrated into a one-to-many stream.

All the benefits of the hybrid meeting with one decisive advantage: several events can participate in one stream from different locations, with active audio, video and data communication! This allows large events to be realized in a completely new dimension.

Digital tools for interaction and dramaturgy

  • Content & Realization
  • Product presentations, panel discussions, virtual conferences - we direct and provide all kinds of support, from the preparation, conception and implementation of digital events.
  • Virtual breakout & creative sessions
  • Lead workshops and group discussions online without any problems Panel discussions, workshops, lectures securely online.
  • Audience Interaction & Response Tools
  • Interaction with participants (live interaction) via online voting, online feedback and online brainstorming and discussions.
  • Anyplace, any Devices
  • Participants participate in the live stream event via computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, regardless of location.
  • Streaming direction
  • For any kind of live stream format - with creative solutions and innovative technology we put brands, people and messages in the spotlight. Simple, fast, 100% secure & transparent.
  • Live AR & VR
  • Experience live broadcasts with AR and VR. Animation and integration of 2D and 3D content for the spatial visualization of exciting product presentations and diagrams.

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Virtual Experiences - unsere Expertise

Professional event organization for customized anniversary events

When it comes to extraordinary and demanding anniversary events, PP LIVE Frankfurt has been the top address for years! Let our anniversary specialists develop an integrated concept tailored to your company. With measures for internal and external communication and ideas for an extraordinary live event in a special location.

Employee events by the experts from Frankfurt and Cologne

Have you ever thought about designing your employee event in a completely different way? Take advantage of PP LIVE's great expertise in designing this event format. In Frankfurt and Cologne, we develop and organize imaginative employee events - with disruptive approaches if required. This format of live communication is particularly suitable for effectively promoting the knowledge, creativity and motivation of employees in the context of kick-off events or sales force conferences.

Brand Activation

Do you want to put your brand in the focus of potential new customers by offering them a compelling brand experience? Our brand experts will provide you with creative ideas - based on your brand strategy, of course. The goal is to win new customers and to bind them to your brand in the long term - emotionally and rationally. We will be happy to develop a coherent concept that takes into account the increasingly complex customer journey - with a multitude of contact points, digital and analog - and ensures an intensive customer experience.

We advise you with passion. PP for over 34 years.

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