SEAT Dealer Event 2018 with PP LIVE

„Move on up“ was the central theme of the SEAT DEALER EVENT in June 2018 in Berlin, in the spirit of the Curtis Mayfield song "Move on up, toward your destination". Berlin was selected as an event location that represents a young, modern and urban lifestyle. A total of 2,400 dealers from 40 nations were attuned to the strategic reorientation of SEAT in "Kraftwerk" - a spectacular blend of a techno-temple and art space. Location management was just one of the many tasks that PP LIVE was responsible for.

Participants experience a rich program of expert presentations, workshops and show elements. The absolute highlight was the launch of the new SUV "Tarraco" together with an additional 12 new product presentations.

PP LIVE created the perfect conditions for the 3-day dealer event and ensured that everything ran smoothly. At first, it was about developing an online-supported communication platform through which the 2,400 participants could get informed and register. The professional hospitality, shuttle and hotel management run by the 13-head PP LIVE project team created the basis for the success of the dealer event. 75 hostesses or hosts were on site to take care of the participants. 20 cars and 25 buses were deployed to handle the shuttle service. Furthermore, PP LIVE designed an exclusive fringe program that included sightseeing. At the request of individual countries, the project team also organized spontaneous dinner and lunch events for their dealers.

Due to the exceptionally successful execution of the SEAT DEALER EVENT in June, PP LIVE was immediately commissioned to organize and execute the Dealer Event CLT SEAT TARRACO 2018 in November in Tarragona close to Barcelona.