PP LIVE brings Pieroth concept wines onto the scene

Pieroth, a wine company steeped in tradition, takes its year-round road show for the brand launch of its new concept wine category to unexpected places - such as the Wacken heavy metal festival.

Whether with its royal blue leading brand Blueline, or the Piccolomini, Linique and Roo-Tattoo brand concept wines, Pieroth – The Wine Company is a nearby long-established company that uses escalation and accentuation to address a younger target group. Pieroth had the Frankfurt agency PP LIVE at its side to take care of event communication of the recent umbrella brand relaunch, and the introduction of the concept wine product category. "With its clearly defined profiles, Pieroth wines can be staged exceptionally well at trend events", emphasizes Christoph Symeonidis, General Manager of PP LIVE. He considers the advantage compared to classic brand campaigns to be the opportunity of addressing various target groups in diverse ways without divergence loss.

Creating low-threshold access for new customers

On the occasion of the brand launch, PP LIVE designed a year-round road show for Pieroth with 13 major events across the country. Pieroth's General Manager Marco Grewe explains the objective: "When it comes to marketing our wines we have always relied on personal appeal. That's why it was logical for us to take our newly positioned brands where we can meet potential new customers and give them the opportunity to experience convenient access to the world of our wines."

For instance, Pieroth's Linique brand, which is created with sensual experiencing in mind and appeals to style-conscious young women, is represented at events like StijlMarkt in Mainz and Nuremberg. The expressive red and white wines from the Roo-Tattoo brand are aimed at getting young men and women excited about wine, who would normally drink beer or high-proof drinks. Grewe: "We take our correspondingly branded cube literally to where excitement is in the air and the target group is rocking out, for instance at the Harley Days in Hamburg, or the Wacken heavy metal festival."

Emotional brand experience has a lasting effect

The brave presentation that festival visitors are met with directly in their scene environment is received positively. "The positive atmosphere and enjoying wine with good company becomes an integrated experience that is associated with the Pieroth wine brand - an emotionalizing of the product, which is difficult to achieve with classic marketing measures", says Symeonidis. The event professionals take advantage of the communicative atmosphere of the events and using the interactive "Which wine type are you?" tool they invite participants to find their taste and to intensify the encounter directly at the stand or through an exclusive wine tasting with a Pieroth wine consultant. According to Symeonidis: "The best-case scenario is that event visitors become multipliers who establish Pieroth wines as an authentically experienced beverage brand in their own scene."