IAA 2017: Professional exhibition staff for JAGUAR LAND ROVER

For this years fair appearance of Jaguar Land Rover at the world's largest car show, PP SERVICE, a subsidiary of PP LIVE, provided the majority of the stand personnel with 50 hostesses and hosts as part of temporary staffing.

The main criterion for the selection of the staff were a high level of automotive affinity, a clear understanding of the target group in the premium segment and very good language skills. Even soft skills like a sympathetic charisma, a customer-oriented appearance and a well-groomed appearance were necessary for a consistently positive perception of the brands.

To meet these requirements, the applicants were subjected to a multi-stage selection process, which was closely supervised by Jaguar Land Rover until the final selection. As part of a multi-day training course in the Jaguar Land Rover Academy, the selected staff was prepared for their essential tasks - such as product presentation and vehicle advice, as well as welcoming and informing visitors at the counter. At the IAA 2017, Jaguar Land Rover's highly successful brand appearance had a significant impact on the team spirit during the fair.