Making companies, brands and products an emotional experience.


Promoting a brand or product and directly boosting sales.

Strategic Solutions

Strategic thinking combined with human sensibility

Personnel Solutions

Face to Face - with Talent and passion

Your agency for live communication based in Frankfurt and Cologne

We have made it our mission to present your company and your brand at events, trade fairs, or at the point of sale in experience-based environments so that they become emotionally memorable through direct and personal interaction with your target group.

In order to help you achieve your goals, we create unique experiences that ensure your corporate messages remain embedded in the minds of your target group. In addition to this, we directly influence purchasing behavior at the point of sale through various measures.

When it comes to live-communication methods, we do not think in terms of disciplines, but rather in terms of storytelling. We make every effort to transform these stories into best sellers. To do this, we combine strategic consultation and conception with efficient project and HR management.

We always pay close attention to having just the right balance between specialist and social skills when we set up a project team. After all, an agency is only as successful as its employees and the specialist expertise they bring to the table.

In particular, creative and organizational skills are required for very different job titles at PP – from advisors and concept creators to designers and technicians to specialists in marketing, sales, logistics, controlling, and training.

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Who we are

Erich Göttmann
Senior Consultant
Mark Tiefenstädter
Project support & Storage logistics
Sarah Hild
Junior Project Manager
Stefanie Gundlach
Project Manager
Sandra Uhlmann
Human resources
Jessica Greger
Project Assistance
Thorsten Radtke
Anne-Christine Spahn
Isabelle Lorenz
Junior Project Manager
Petra Symeonidis
Head of Personnel Management
David Assmann
Head of Sales Management
Natalie Asmus
Concept Developer
Stefanie Frenzel
Junior Project Manager
Janina Wagner
Junior Project Manager
Patrick Birkenfeld
Authorized Signatory
Silvia Magunski
Office Manager
Tina Schäfer-Mach
Senior Project Manager
Leah Pabst
Junior Project Manager
Karina Endres
Project Manager
Lis Zwilling
Management Assistant
Christoph Symeonidis
Managing Director
Jean-Pierre Prestifilippo
Conception & Sales
Laura Homilius
Project Manager
Bernd Nagel
Svenja Voigt
Head of Event Management
Stefanie Wolf
Senior Project Manager
Mona Eschmann
Personnel Manager
Melanie Mehlich
Andrea Xu
Conception & Sales
Gina Reif
Project Manager
Michael Magunski
Public relations
Daniel Kostic
Project Manager
Emanuela Bella
Project Manager

The Team behind PP

We Advise You with Passion. PP for Over 32 Years.

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