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The question "How full is your water battery?" was both a customer address and the motto of the broad-based promotion for Volvic naturelle. Danone Waters Deutschland commissioned us with the conception and implementation of corresponding consumer events.

For our client, we developed a sales-boosting appearance to accompany the national on- and offline campaign "Volvic 14-day test - recharging with Volvic", which highlights the still mineral water at the POS.

Equipped with touch tablets, the promotion staff actively involved consumers in the communication at the POS. On the basis of a drinking habit check, an app was programmed for this purpose, with which the participants could find out on site what type of drink they are and how full their personal water battery is. Consumers were motivated to participate in the online campaign "Volvic 14-day test" and communicate their experiences on a daily basis via the campaign microsite and social media channels.

In addition to generating customer and trial contacts and the targeted increase in sales, the overall presence at the POS was intended to create a lasting positive and likeable memory of the successful water brand among both retail partners and customers.

With the PP LIVE planning tool, a component of our PP Sales Performance Matrix, we were able to use 80 POS locations on selected days of operation and thus generate and record over 24,000 addresses.

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