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"Very Important Pharmacy" trade promotion for Stada

Within the framework of the "Very Important Pharmacy" program, the incentive and measure catalog for pharmacies, PP has developed a tailor-made POS campaign in the form of Stada Peak Promotion.

The nationwide trade promotion focused on sell-in and sell-out measures for STADA's sun protection product "Ladival" in selected large pharmacies.

The PP LIVE Evaluation & Analysis Tool enabled an ad hoc evaluation of the most important promotion-relevant data, such as a sales ranking of the Ladival product variants to the day, including a prompt result reporting.

The special service provided by Apotheken Promotion: a team of pharmaceutical technical assistants and cosmetic specialists convinced pharmacy customers with expert skin type advice. They informed customers how Ladival sun protection can best help their skin through the summer. The information and service competence should bring the company Stada in a lasting positive and likeable way in the minds of pharmacies and customers alike. Promotional and advertising materials also attracted additional attention.

In addition to a prompt evaluation and analysis of the POS campaign, one of the most important requirements of our customer was to ensure professional staffing by experienced and well-trained specialists. A requirement profile that PP knows how to implement due to its relevant experience in the field of personnel services and an extensive pool of employees. In the course of an exclusive recruitment process, a team of 20 specialists was put together.

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