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Beam Suntory - Maker‘s Mark Roadshow

The Taste of PP LIVE

The topic of wine is on everyone’s lips. If a company like Beam Suntory Germany wants to keep pace with world-famous Maker’s whiskey varieties and the product highlight Maker’s 46, a highly tasteful event series needs to pique the interest of restaurateurs and bartenders in the target group.

A palatable undertaking for PP LIVE, which brought extraordinary whiskey tasting sessions complete with an original American barbecue and interactive workshops to the trendy gastronomy scene in four cities with a road show called “The Home of Maker’s Mark.”

It was work that appealed to the taste buds, leaving a lasting impression on those who took part while anchoring the emotional values of the Maker’s Mark distillery in Kentucky with the deliberate handmade look of the wooden decoration elements and comfortable vintage furniture. An enduring taste experience for everyone involved.

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