Using Human Powers of Persuasion

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Selected staff

When it comes to persuading people, it is best to work face to face. This is especially when it comes to conveying brand values such as sporty, instinctive, seductive, and confident for Jaguar and superior, cosmopolitan, authentic, and courageous for Land Rover. Take for example the brand appearance of Jaguar Land Rover at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, which involved 50 hosts and hostesses.

The main criteria for selecting staff were a passion for cars, a clear understanding of the target group in the premium segment, and excellent language skills. Soft skills such as a friendly disposition, charisma, a customer-oriented approach, and a well-groomed appearance were also necessary in order to ensure that people perceived the brand in a consistently positive light.

In a training event lasting several days, staff chosen in an earlier selection process were prepared for their various tasks.

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