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Training at the Point of Sale

People buy from people. Selling means to win people over to buy a product or service. To do this, the salesperson uses his or her personality, learned methods and expertise. Persuasiveness, trust and commitment play a far greater role and are the basic prerequisite for sales success and customer satisfaction at the POS.

The advantage is therefore whoever can arouse the needs and fulfill the desires of prospective buyers with product and methodological competence.

We are active in various categories and train not only the promotion staff of our customers, but also the sales staff at the touchpoint.

We cover the entire spectrum of training tools for a good salesperson.

  • classic face to face product training
  • Sales Trainings
  • Training on the job
  • customized sales guides and individual training concepts

In condensed learning units, our trainers convey product- and brand-specific information, the resulting customer benefits with practical tips as well as the sales methods that lead to a successful sale and increase sales success in the long term.


We also make this knowledge available in our e-learning tool. This gives salespeople and promoters the opportunity to refresh or renew their product knowledge at any time. Even a missed webinar can be made up for quickly. A final knowledge test enables the participant to receive his or her personal certificate.


All activities, such as locations, participant feedback, learning content and success, are documented in a sustainable and transparent manner in the specially developed database, both online and offline. Using innovative tools and with individual evaluations, we provide our client with the results in real time.

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