A Grand Celebration of 150 Years

Schaefer Kalk - 3-tägiges Jubiläumsevent

sqm event space

excavation depth

sqm of rock face for projections

VIP guests from politics, business, and society

visitors on the day of the open house

months for all the planning

Destination Quarry

For a company like SCHAEFER KALK, you don’t have to look far for the obvious choice: the quarry. All you have to do is ensure that the team responsible for developing the ideas for the company’s unsurpassed 150th anniversary celebration comes up with the incredible concept in the first place. And following in-depth assessment of the unusual location, the quarry, which ideally also represents a direct link to the process of limestone extraction, simply expose the awe-inspired spectators to an unfamiliar form of “natural elements” in line with the motto “Feel the Elements.”

Through an elementary play of air, fire, water, and earth, dramatic video and music, and artistic live projections on the bare rock face using high-power projectors. Not only a topic of conversation for the impressed customers, business partners, and employees in the huge tent in the middle of the quarry, but also for residents of the entire region, who were able to attend their very own open house. A win–win situation. Also with two BEA Event Awards for PP LIVE, thank you very much!

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