PP Live on mountain tour with Peugeot

Germany’s best Peugeot dealers of 2014 were able to experience a summit meeting of a very special kind. The closing event of the Peugeot motivation programme which was conducted throughout the year, took the participants to Germany’s highest peak – the Zugspitze.

To be able to climb Germany’s highest peak and for once enjoy the breathtaking 360° panorama: this was the ultimate end of the “Higher up” incentive series for 2014 which 20 participants were able to enjoy. The incentive experts of the PP Agency for Events & Promotions developed a varied experience for the “VIP - Very Important Peugeot” dealer club.

With the VIP Club measures, Peugeot Germany and the Peugeot Bank honour the most successful Peugeot dealers in Germany. The goal hereby is to strengthen communication with the dealers and sales partners as well as loyalty to the automobile group.